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Cluster Connect News


The Cluster Connect News web page features articles dedicated to information pertaining to Reston Association's 134 clusters. Our Covenants team is here to help with various matters concerning design standards and other important matters. This page will be updated every few months with new information and tips that we hope you will find useful.

Articles & Tips


Advantages of Digitized Cluster Standards

Jun 09 2020

Cluster Standards are most useful and functional when they are easily accessed by members and cluster boards. Covenants administration staff is currently completing the task of digitizing Cluster Standards for all 134 of Reston’s clusters. Once converted to an electronic format, Cluster Standards are hosted and accessed on Digital cluster standard books are cluster residents’ best resource when planning improvement projects for their homes’ exterior.

Roofing and Trim Capping Standards

Jun 09 2020

When we talk about the importance of keeping Cluster Standards up to date, there are few specific standards that illustrate the importance of currency more than cluster standards for roofing and cluster standards for trim capping.

We're Here to Help

Jun 09 2020

Reston Association staff wants to connect with your cluster. Covenants Advisors are your cluster residents’ best resource for reviewing resale inspection reports, planning home improvement projects, understanding cluster standards and navigating the design review process. You can access your cluster’s Covenants Advisor’s contact information here. The Community Outreach Manager is your Cluster Board’s dedicated support system for understanding the cluster standard update process, managing your cluster’s digital standards book, and approaching larger cluster-wide projects. The Community Outreach Manager’s contact information is as follows: Meagan Micozzi 703.435.6575   Reston Association’s Covenants administration staff is eager to connect with residents, support cluster boards and facilitate an effective relationship between Reston Association and clusters throughout Reston. Please reach out to staff toda ...

Understanding the Basics of Cluster Standards

Jun 09 2020

Reston has many types of homes and a variety of other properties. There is great diversity in architectural design, location and surroundings. Some homes are part of housing clusters which have their own neighborhood-specific design criteria, known as Cluster Standards. Cluster Standards originate at the initial construction phase of the cluster. Following site and grading approval, a builder presents a proposed plan for the cluster’s exterior elements to the Design Review Board for review and approval. Once the exterior elements are approved, design standards are established for the cluster, i.e., the Cluster Standards.