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Design Review Board

The Design Review Board (DRB) is responsible for reviewing all additions and alterations to many different types of Reston properties. To assist in the review process, the DRB develops Design Guidelines and review procedures, and establishes design standards for clusters.


The DRB is composed of nine Reston Association Members who serve for three-year terms. Six of the members must be professionals in the area of design - architects, landscape architects or planners; while no professional requirements are needed for the other three members. Appointments are made by the RA Board of Directors.


Individuals who seek appointment to the DRB should have a general interest in the design concepts on which the community was established and be motivated by a desire to serve fellow Members of the community. Experience in conducting public meetings and working with people is helpful in this role.


The DRB meets every Tuesday evening in groups of three, on a rotating basis, or as the Full DRB once a month. On average a DRB member is expected to attend two meetings each month, to review Design applications, and if feasible visit properties prior to the meetings.


DRB Members

Joe Enrico
Chair, Lay Member

Richard Newlon
Vice Chair, Architect Member

Michael Miller
Architect Member

W. Neal Roseberry
Vice Chair, Architect Member

Graham Farbrother
Architect Member

John Kauppila

Barbara Byron
Vice Chair, Lay Member

Nelson Kirchner
Landscape Architect Member

Ed Abbott
Lay Member

Eve Thompson
RA Board Liaison