2018 Proposed Design Guideline Changes

Proposed Changes to Guidelines

Periodically, Reston Association's Design Review Board makes changes to its Design Guidelines. The DRB held its last public hearing about guideline changes on July 17, 2018. Links to the proposed changes can be found in the right column on this page (if viewing on a desktop computer) or by clicking on the three bars in the top right corner (if viewing on a mobile device). For more information, contact Margo Collins at margo@reston.org.

The DRB is an independent agency of Reston Association responsible for reviewing exterior alterations/improvements of properties within RA.

The objectives of the Design Covenants are to promote those qualities in the environment, which bring value to the property, and foster the attractiveness and functional utility of the community as a place to live, including a harmonious relationship among structures, vegetation and topography.