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Fishing in Reston

Reston's four lakes are available for fishing. Many species of fish may be caught including largemouth bass, channel catfish, crappie, bluegill, sunfish and others. Here are a few simple reminders to help make your fishing experience pleasant:

  • Public docks for fishing include the Lake Anne Village Center dock, the dock by the Lake Thoreau pool at Sunrise Valley Dr., and the dock on Lake Audubon, below the Lake Thoreau dam.
  • Anglers 16 years and older must have a Virginia fishing license.
  • Residents may fish from RA-owned property, which includes the dams on each lake.
  • Much of the shoreline around each lake is private. Please respect the "No Trespassing" and "Private Property" areas indicated by signs.
  • Anglers are encouraged to release grass carp and large bass back into Lakes Audubon and Newport.
  • Please do not litter.