Shoreline Stabilization

Shoreline Stabilization

Each year requests are submitted to the Design Review Board for shoreline stabilization projects including installation of bulkhead and riprap.

Over the years, Reston Association (RA) has received numerous calls for advice on shoreline stabilization. Many of these calls pertain to problems with existing bulkheads that have been improperly constructed and/or maintained or have simply deteriorated with age.

RA also receives calls from property owners adjacent to bulkheading applications who have experienced accelerated erosion as a result of the wave energy traveling down the bulkhead and scouring the adjacent unprotected shoreline. In many cases, hard conventional stabilization applications such as bulkheading and riprap are unnecessary. Vegetative stabilization is more appropriate and beneficial.

Shoreline Stabilization Guidelines (PDF)

Reston's shoreline management efforts have recently been featured on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website highlighting community initiatives for encouraging more environmentally friendly techniques.