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Reston On Foot

Reston On Foot Report


Reston’s network of walkable paths are integral to Reston’s unique character. They help make this a healthy, family-centered, enjoyable community. Yet as Reston has developed, the pedestrian network has not always been developed at the same pace. Gaps in the network exist, which present some barriers to traveling Reston on foot or bicycle.

The purpose of the Reston on Foot and Bicycle report is to set forth a plan, ranked in order of priority, to make Reston’s pedestrian network more complete. By identifying responsible parties whenever possible, this carefully researched and thoughtfully ranked plan can be used to accelerate the process by which Reston will become even more accessible for walking.

To view a map of suggested enhancements to the current Reston path system please click on the map below or click here to view a comprehensive map of the entire area.

For an interactive map that shows all trails (hiking and biking) in Fairfax County, click here.


View Larger Map