Picnic Pavilions

Picnic Pavilions

RA Picnic Facilities

Plan outdoor private parties or weddings, group and corporate gatherings, or family picnics at one of our six affordable pavilions. Available for rent seven days a week from April through October. Available for general use from November through March. To check availability and submit a reservation request, go to RA’s WebTrac site.

Pavilion Rates

Rental Fees
- $165/day RA member or Reston non-profit full-day rental
- $100 RA member or Reston non-profit half-day rental (Lake Anne)
- $340/day Non-resident, non-Reston non-profit or corporate full-day rental
- $190 Non-resident, non-Reston non-profit or corporate half-day rental (Lake Anne)
- $35/day Public schools and scout troops rental
Miscellaneous Fees
- Security deposit $100 per reservation

Dogwood Picnic Pavilion

2460 Green Range Drive, near Reston Parkway & Glade Drive
Size: 1200 square feet

  • Spray and play water feature and restroom facility available April through October, 10 a.m. to dusk. Water feature is a mosaic-clad fountain, a commissioned public artwork.
  • Four picnic tables under cover and a large built-in grill
  • Features ADA-accessible parking lot and pavilion area
  • Water fountain, including doggie fountain feature located outside pool
  • Parking shared with pool facility or at curbside
  • Pool access is not included in private reservation unless included in pool party rental. For more information, contact Aquatics at Aquaticsinfo@Reston.org or 703-435-6543.

Hunters Woods Picnic Pavilion

The James "Jimmy" Wright Memorial Pavilion at the corner of Steeplechase Drive and Reston Parkway
Size: 842 square feet

Great space for a small group picnic while enjoying the nearby pool or the park’s soccer/football field or basketball courts. Don’t forget your pool passes.

  • Pool access not included in private reservation
  • ƒƒFour picnic tables under cover (two are ADA accessible) and one grill
  • Ample parking (shared parking at Hunters Woods Pool or Hunters Woods Park)
  • Pool restrooms are available during pool open hours

North Hills Picnic Pavilion

North Village Road and Hollow Timber
Size: 1024 square feet

Lovely setting year-round for larger gatherings from parties to wedding receptions to troop/scout meetings. 

  • Eight picnic tables undercover and three large brick barbecue grills
  • Two portable restrooms
  • Electricity, water, lights, and a water fountain
  • Tot lot, ample parking and green space

Pony Barn Picnic Pavilion

At the corner of Steeplechase Drive and Triplecrown Road.
Size: 2006 square feet

The perfect spot for a family picnic, scout gatherings, or other group meetings. Visitors have easy access to nearby Glade Stream Valley Park.

  • Eight picnic tables and one large grill 
  • Two portable restrooms
  • Water fountain
  • Wood-chipped tot lot equipped with swings and a jungle gym
  • Parking available in 11 parking spaces 

Temporary Road Picnic Pavilion

At the corner of North Shore and Temporary Road
Size: 892 square feet

Situated in a wooded, park-like setting, this pavilion has a large, level field, excellent for activities such as croquet, horseshoes, and badminton. This is a great space for larger group gatherings.

  • Seven picnic tables and one large grill
  • Two portable restrooms
  • Two swing sets and four benches situated throughout the park
  • Water fountain
  • Parking available in 16 marked spaces or at curbside

Lake Anne Recreation Area

11301 North Shore Drive
Size: 900 square feet

Located near historic Lake Anne, this pavilion offers a wide variety of activities for fun-seekers of all ages. 

  • Water spray fountain available April through October
  • Seven picnic tables under cover and two large grills
  • Restroom facility
  • Water and electricity
  • Tot lot, benches, and ample parking, including curbside
  • Basketball court, tennis court, and sand volleyball court nearby; however, not included in private reservation

Golf Course Island Picnic Pavilion

North Shore Drive and Links Drive

  • Size: 775 square feet
  • Four picnic tables and one grill
  • Park-like setting with tot lot and a playground, both equipped with swings
  • Near a basketball court, trail, and plenty of open space



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