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Ball Fields

Reston Ball Fields


Reston has a variety of soccer, baseball and softball fields. Some include basketball courts or other amenities.


Locations and Features

Lake Newport Soccer
1550 Reston Parkway
Two regulation-sized soccer fields. Designated parking lot.



Lake Newport Softball Field
11601 Lake Newport Road
One Little League-sized (60-foot bases) softball field. A skin infield with a backstop and dugouts.

Brown’s Chapel Park Baseball Fields
1525 Brown’s Chapel Road
One regulation-sized (90-foot bases) baseball field (BC #2). One multi-distance baseball field (60- and 75-foot bases) skin infield baseball field (BC #3). One Little League-sized (60-foot bases) skinned baseball field with lights (BC #1). Park also includes Brown’s Chapel Community Room, bathrooms, tot lot and a designated parking lot.

Wainwright Ball Field
Wainwright Drive
One Little League-sized (60-foot bases) skin infield ball field. Backstop.

Hook Road Ball Field
Fairway Drive
Two Little League-sized (60-foot bases) grass infield ball fields. Park also includes outdoor basketball, Hook Road tennis courts, tennis wall. Street parking available.

Uplands Ball Field
Ring Road
One Little League-sized (60-foot bases) skin infield ball field. Park is located near Uplands tennis courts and across the street form Uplands pool.



Quartermaster Soccer Field
Glade Drive
One non-regulation sized soccer field. Street parking available.

Twin Branches Ball Field
Twin Branches Road
One Little League sized (60-foot bases) all-grass infield ball field. Street parking available. Basketball court also included in the park.

Running Cedar Ball Field
Running Cedar Road
One Little League-sized (60-foot bases) skin infield ball field. Designated parking lot.

Transco Soccer Field
Fox Mill Road
One non-regulation sized soccer field. Designated parking lot located across Fox Mill Road.

Bordeaux Recreation Area
Freetown Drive
One Little League-sized (60 foot bases) ball field. One regulation-sized soccer field. One small basketball court. Street parking available.

Hunters Woods Park
Reston Parkway
One regulation-sized soccer field (with football goal posts). Two full sized basketball courts. Small pavilion located nearby. Designated parking lot. Facility is reserved by Fairfax County Parks.



Barton Hill Soccer Field
Barton Hill Road
One non-regulation sized soccer field. Field located across form the Barton Hill tennis courts. Designated parking lot with one basketball hoop.