The Lake House Sponsored by Comstock

The Lake House Sponsored by Comstock


Reston Association members voted in a referendum in the spring of 2015 to allow the association to purchase the Tetra property located at 11450 Baron Cameron Avenue, adding it to RA common area. The property is now known as the "The Lake House Sponsored by Comstock." Results of the referendum were announced at a Board of Directors' meeting on Monday, May 11 and can be found in the right column near the bottom of this page.

RA closed on the property on July 23, 2015. The Lake House Working Group held its first meetings in October 2015. The group's mission was to identify potential improvements to the building and grounds. Renovations of the property have been completed and the loan for the property was paid off early.

As stated in the materials distributed with the referendum ballot, the RA board's original vision for the property included adding and enhancing greenspace on the site, as well as increasing community and recreational use opportunities. Since that time, the purpose of The Lake House has somewhat shifted as new directors were elected to the RA board. Those board members also voted to hire an independent company (Stoneturn) to review the purchase of The Lake House.

The Lake House rentals began in the summer of 2016. Individuals and organizations began leasing the property for special day and evening events, thereby meeting recent board requirements of creating more non-assessment revenue for RA by renting the facility.

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