Lake Anne Dock

Lake Anne Dock


The Lake Anne Dock, adjacent to and part of Lake Anne Plaza, is over 50 years old and has undergone previous repair and maintenance, with a major repair last done over 20 years ago. Funding to replace the dock, and the associated shorter section from which the Lake Anne Boat Rentals are operated, was approved in the 2016 Capital Budget. In 2016, Reston Association staff commenced planning and scoping the project, which also includes removing approximately 500 cubic yards of sediment that has accumulated beneath the dock. The dock also serves as a conveyance channel for runoff from Lake Newport, parts of Baron Cameron Avenue and surrounding areas including the Lake Anne Village Center parking lot.

In 2016, RA staff was approached by representatives of the Lake Anne Merchants Association (LAMA) and Lake Anne of Reston Condominium Association (LARCA) to discuss the results of a community charrette held in 2015 that included citizens and representatives of the aforementioned organizations. The charrette was sponsored and hosted by Fairfax County’s Office of Community Revitalization (OCR).

Since that time RA staff has continued its planning efforts for the dock replacement and dredging and has hired a civil engineering firm to design the reconstruction and coordinate this with dredging under the dock. Part of this effort also includes investigating accessibility options to the dock from the Plaza surface. The project currently is planned for late fall (2017) when Lake Anne can be drained approximately three feet, which would not impact the Reston Lake Anne Air Conditioning (RELAAC) system operations or the Hidden Creek Country Club, which has the right to withdraw water for its golf course.

Ahead for 2017

At the Jan. 26 RA Board of Directors meeting, a representative from OCR presented a summary of the charrette that was held, including who participated and the results of this effort. RA staff recommended that the direct replacement and dredging project move forward while the BOD considers potential of adding additional dock elements from the charrette which would require review by RA’s Design Review Board and Fairfax County’s Architectural Review Board, which reviews changes to Historic Overlay Districts, in which Lake Anne Plaza is included. The BOD plans to review these additions for RA consideration later in 2017 as part of the 2018/2019 Capital Budget development process..