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Lake Anne Project

Lake Anne Project


Reston Association has contracted with Lake Services Inc. to dredge the accumulated sediment from the Lake Anne Canal (near the North Shore Pool) and Lake Anne Plaza. In addition, the bulkhead along the Green Trail will be replaced and the wooden dock in the plaza will be renovated. These projects will begin as early as Feb. 17, weather permitting. An informational postcard will be mailed to members who live in the area and project signage will be displayed onsite.

During the dredging operation at Lake Anne Canal and Lake Anne Plaza there will be a floating dredge machine on the water. The machine will hydraulically pump the soil and water from the lake and canal bottom through hoses to floating barges. Those barges will then be towed to Inlet Court to be emptied and its materials transported for disposal. The water level will remain.

In line with the Fairfax County Noise Ordinance, construction activities will only occur Monday-Friday between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. We do not anticipate work to occur on weekends. Notifications will be sent in advance of weekend work. Inlet Court and the Green Trail will be used as the equipment staging area. These trail sections will be closed, and pedestrians will need to follow posted detours.

There will be water turbidity in the lake during and after the dredging period. However, levels will be about the same as those experienced after a strong thunderstorm and will eventually return to normal after approximately 30 days.

Timeline Information

Due to adverse weather the start of the Lake Anne Canal Dredging has been delayed. Estimated start is now May 11.

  • Feb. 17: Lake Services Inc. will begin equipment mobilization at Inlet Court - Completed
  • Feb. 24: Installation of safety fencing within the plaza and canal construction areas - Completed
  • March 2: Renovation of the long dock at the Plaza will begin - Completed
  • March 2: Canal bulkhead work will begin - Completed
  • March 16: Dredging at the Lake Anne Plaza will begin  - Completed
  • May 1: Reopening of dock and canal pathways to membership - Completed
  • May 11: Dredging at the canal will begin - Completed
  • June 1: De-mobilization of Lake Services Inc. at Inlet Court - In Progress

Total Anticipated Project Schedule: 74 Days

If you have a boat moored in the water near dredging or construction operations, RA will contact you to coordinate temporarily moving your boat.

Please contact the Capital Project Manager, Paul Priestley, at 703-435-6541 or email if you have any questions.