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Hunters Woods Ball Field/Pathway Lighting

Hunters Woods Ball Field/Pathway Lighting


In 2014 the Reston Association Board of Directors approved funding for completing the pathway lighting within approximately one-quarter mile of the Hunters Woods Village Center. The extent of the originally proposed lighting was approximately 52 lights with a cost exceeding $300,000. Staff received approval from the Design Review Board to implement the project and when fully scoped and costed by Dominion Power, the available funding was not adequate to complete the project. Over the past three years the DRB approval has lapsed and reapplication will be necessary. In addition, the advance of LED lighting and the work of the Pedestrian Lighting Group and the Environmental Advisory Committee has informed the staff and community of more appropriate lighting. Some funds have been expensed doing tree surveys and preliminary design and the fund balance is currently $124,916.

Also, RA has received a proffer via Fairfax County from the Hunters Woods at Trails Edge senior living project on Colt’s Neck Road for $81,300 to be used specifically for pathway lighting. The total available funding is now approximately $206K. In addition, the Hunters Woods Neighborhood Coalition, which has been a strong advocate for the lighting, has also requested RA look at re-purposing the Hunters Wood Ball Field, behind Reston Community Center. The ball field is no longer used by Reston-Herndon Little League, in part due to its somewhat remote location for hauling gear as there is no close parking.

Neighboring RA members have also expressed an interest in providing some other use at the field that might better benefit the members who use this area through “activating” the site. RA staff sent a request for interpretation to Fairfax County’s Zoning Administration Division to determine what uses the field might be re-purposed for and remain consistent with the existing rezoning and development plan of record for the site. This letter is attached as Exhibit B.

Staff is recommending that the stretch or proposed lights closest to and just north of the village center be lighted, which would be approximately 16 poles and fixtures, with an approximate cost of $100,000, most of which would be funded through the proffer commitment funds.

The RA board approved using some of the funds to study, design and possibly implement the re-purposing of the ball field. Staff has worked with neighboring member and association stakeholders and developed a concept plan that will be taken to the board and the Design Review Board for approval of the concept.

Links on this page include the item summary from the original board decision in September 2019, as well as the design concept process that has been shared with the Hunters Woods Neighborhood Coalition.



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