Hook Road Recreation Area

Hook Road Recreation Area


The community engagement process to determine how the Hook Road Recreation Area could be improved began on Aug. 29, 2017. At a public meeting that night, Dewberry, an architecture and engineering firm hired by RA, along with the association's capital projects team, provided a general overview on how the Hook Road planning process would proceed, with the goal of presenting a proposal to the RA Board of Directors in 2018.

The Hook Road Recreation Area was originally developed in 1965 with additions of tennis and basketball amenities in 1973. Since that time, the recreation area has remained relatively unchanged.

In 2016, the RA board approved a new capital project methodology called “Full Facility Enhancements” or “Full Facility Projects.” This methodology focuses on revitalization of facilities as a singular unit instead of replacement of individual amenities. The prior methodology looked at facilities on an amenity by amenity basis spread out over several years. The goal is to improve RA facilities in a complete manner and create a greater impact to the membership.

The association seeks all members' input and involvement to identify opportunities to improve the Hook Road site through a community engagement and design process. Additionally, a working group was formed to focus on the project.

If you have questions about this project, contact us at HookRoadInfo@Reston.org.

Working Group

The purpose of the Hook Road Recreation Area Working Group is to provide the RA board with recommendations for implementing solutions that impact both park users and adjacent property owners. The working group will consider input received at a series of public meetings held in conjunction with the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee and the project design firm.