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Reston Association Perspective

Reston Association Perspective


Board Looks to Clarify RELAC Exemptions

Jan 07 2014

Ken Knueven
Board President
Living on Lake Anne is all it is advertised to be. It is beautiful, serene and a reminder of what has made Reston special for 50 years. And, as I sit on my deck and admire the snow covered banks, I am thankful that sense of peace and tranquility lasts throughout the seasons. Of course, as close as Lake Anne is to my version of Utopia, I do understand it comes with a few challenges. And yes, RELAC is one of those challenges.

The Reston Association Board of Directors is currently reviewing changes to the Use & Maintenance Standards Resolution 15; Air-Conditioning Units/RELAC HVAC System and is still accepting public comment on these issues. Amendments have been made to constitute what establishes a member has “worked with RELAC” to correct/address problems with the system. As well, new language has been added to clarify the term and conditions under which temporary exemptions from the covenant are to be granted. These changes are not designed to make it more difficult to be removed from the system but instead are intended to decrease the ambiguity associated with how one does get an exemption.

While RELAC has its detractors and critics, the community did have a chance to remove it as the cooling system for Lake Anne through a referendum a few years ago. The community spoke, however, and chose to keep RELAC. Those who own and operate the system need to ensure it is efficient for all who use it. And, those who use the system need to discuss coming together and possibly resurrecting the community committee which existed years ago to look at the sustainability and viability of the system.

In the meantime, as with all RA board activities, the board needs your input on the rules allowing for temporary exemptions to use alternate methods of air-conditioning when needed for medical reasons. The public comment period is open and we look forward to hearing from you. You can e-mail or attend a RA board meeting. Board agendas will be available on prior to the meetings.