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Reston Association Perspective

Reston Association Perspective


Leave a Trace

Jan 10 2012

Very soon, we will have a slate of candidates running for the RA Board of Directors.

There are three seats open, including mine in the South Lakes District. The other two are for At-Large seats. 

The Gift

Dec 16 2011

When the first residents moved to Reston in the 1960’s, they were each greeted with a gift – one night’s worth of food to ease the burden of meal planning while moving into this remote, strange land. While you may not look upon a bag of groceries as a gift, to those who moved “out” to Reston at the time, it represented a thoughtful one.

How Reston Really Operates

Aug 09 2011

When the discussion turned to transportation at a recent Board of Directors meeting, someone suggested that Reston start its own bus service. In another community, the idea may have been met with a chuckle or even disbelief, but in Reston, the comment raised not a brow.

For 47 years, we’ve been activists and creators, turning dreams into reality and we have done it with volunteers who saw a need, formed a group or organization and met the need. There are literally hundreds of examples – from the Reston Citizens Association and Reston Interfaith in the 1960’s to the Reston Community Center, the Greater Reston Arts Center and the Initiative for Public Art Reston.
Each one of these organizations came into being because everyone here asks, “What do we need?”

Getting Ready for Phase Two

Jun 14 2011

Reston Notebook
By Kathleen Driscoll McKee, President

By now, everyone in Reston has heard about the Task Force that is working to update the original, 46-year-old Reston Master Plan. Since December 2009, the 24-members of the Reston Master Plan Special Study Task Force have focused on the development surrounding the future metro stations. That’s Phase One and Vice President Paul Thomas, is representing RA.

International Roads Lead to Reston

Apr 12 2011

Since February, the Reston community has entertained three different international delegations that share the same goal. They want to learn how to build a successful planned community in their home countries.

Meet the Candidates

Feb 17 2011

The campaign season officially began last week for the candidates running for a seat on the Reston Association Board of Directors.

Last Friday, the elections committee certified the field of five running for one at-large seat and two running for the Hunters Woods/Dogwood district seat. The ballots arrive in mailboxes March 7 and the voting period lasts until April 1.


What If I Don't Swim

Jan 18 2011

Whether you take advantage of the pools, tennis courts and trails or not, there is value for everyone in RA membership.

Buying a Home

Dec 14 2010

I don’t usually offer maternal advice in so public a way as the following but, in this case, I believe it is worth sharing. Recently, my son told me that he was thinking about buying a home in Reston and wondered with all the talk about the master planning process whether this would be a solid investment.

Parking and Planning

Nov 23 2010

Just in case you need a more tangible reminder that Metro Rail is coming to Reston, try finding a parking place at the Wiehle Avenue parking lot. VDOT officials have been announcing for months that the lot would be partially closing in November as crews begin preliminary utility work. About one fourth of the 820 parking spaces in the lot will be closed to make way for the future parking garage for the Wiehle Avenue Metro Rail station.

Change is More Than a Moment

Nov 08 2010

The responsibility of the Board of Directors of the Reston Association is to make decisions today that future boards and the community will live with. We achieve these decisions through a variety of methods that include discussions, research, public comments and even debate.