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Reston Association Perspective

Reston Association Perspective


CEO Search Moving Forward

Oct 10 2018

By Andy Sigle
RA Board President

One of our most important responsibilities as your Reston Association Board of Directors this year is to select a new CEO. It is then incumbent upon us to work closely with this individual to appropriately on-board them and to ensure that the needs of members are being met in accordance with RA’s founding principles. The process of selecting a new CEO began in earnest in May and is continuing into the autumn.

Pool Schedule Formed to Meet Residents' Needs and Staffing Realities

May 10 2017

By Sherri Hebert
RA Board President

As summer approaches, fond memories of carefree times at a local pool swirl in the minds of many adults. As a child, I waited anxiously for Memorial Day weekend because I knew that’s when the pool season began. My friends and I would gladly walk 2.5 miles from our neighborhood to spend the day in the water.

Get Involved by Voting in 2016 RA Election

Mar 21 2016

By Ellen Graves
RA Board President

Reston Association offers an inspiring array of ways to get involved in the community. From volunteering to serve on a committee to helping beautify natural areas through working with Habitat Heroes, Reston residents have always answered the call to donate their time and efforts for good causes.

Board's Line Item Review of Budget Continues

Sep 21 2015

By Ellen Graves
Board President

As I mentioned in my first update, I am using these posts to keep Reston Association (RA) members up-to-date on the association’s 2016-2017 budget development process. The RA board of directors and RA staff conducted the third in a series of budget work sessions Wednesday, Sept. 16.

During the 5-hour work session, Board members and staff thoroughly reviewed the extensive list of follow-up data and questions that the Board requested of the staff at its second work session. The RA staff provided a great deal of useful information making it possible for the Board to have rich dialogue on virtually every aspect of the operating budget. The Board conducted a line-by-line review of the list of Potential Budget Adjustments provided by RA staff and identified over $42,000 of unnecessary activities in the operating budget. The Board will continue its line item review at its next work session.  

Update on the 2016-2017 Budget Process

Aug 28 2015

By Ellen Graves
Board President

Over the next few months, I will be keeping Reston Association members updated on the status of the association’s 2016-2017 budget development process through a series of blog posts on the RA website. The RA board of directors and RA staff conducted the first in a series of budget work sessions Monday, Aug. 24, 2015, and will meet frequently throughout the fall to finalize an operating and capital expense budget and to set the new 2016 assessment fee. Following each work session, I will share the latest information from that budget session.

Board Member Explains Assessed Value of Tetra Property

Apr 30 2015

As I’ve talked with members regarding the proposed purchase of the Tetra property, one of the questions most often asked is “Why is there a difference between the assessment and the sale price?”.  Below is a detailed answer to that question.  If you have other questions about the referendum, the property, want to see more detailed information, or want to cast your ballot, please visit Reston Association’s Tetra property page.  

A Good Value for a Great Investment

Apr 16 2015

Reston Association was approached by the owner of the old Reston Visitor Center property at Lake Newport, asking if RA was interested in purchasing the property for $2.7 million. The owner indicated that the price was firm (he is in the commercial real estate development and brokerage business) and that he was going to make a decision in June regarding whether to sell the property (to RA or another entity) or continue to use it for his own purposes.  This 3.147-acre property strategically connects two larger RA common area properties. RA has non-exclusive parking rights as well as trail easements in the property. Many members now enjoy portions of the property not within the RA easements.  A considerable number of members have been concerned for years about the specter of more intense commercial use of the property. For these reasons, the RA board was interested in discussing favorable but fair contingent contract terms with the owner.

Reston’s Future: A Primer

Apr 08 2015

A lot has been discussed recently in the blogosphere regarding the Reston Association Board of Directors' unanimous decision to send to member referendum the question of borrowing up to $2.65 million for the purchase and renovation of the old Reston Visitors Center and the associated open space it sits on. This 3.47-acre parcel is located at the southeast end of Lake Newport and sits between the Association’s Lake Newport tennis court complex on one side, and the cherished park area known as Brown’s Chapel Park on the other.  

Board Looks to Clarify RELAC Exemptions

Jan 07 2014

Ken Knueven
Board President
Living on Lake Anne is all it is advertised to be. It is beautiful, serene and a reminder of what has made Reston special for 50 years. And, as I sit on my deck and admire the snow covered banks, I am thankful that sense of peace and tranquility lasts throughout the seasons. Of course, as close as Lake Anne is to my version of Utopia, I do understand it comes with a few challenges. And yes, RELAC is one of those challenges.

The Reston Association Board of Directors is currently reviewing changes to the Use & Maintenance Standards Resolution 15; Air-Conditioning Units/RELAC HVAC System and is still accepting public comment on these issues. Amendments have been made to constitute what establishes a member has “worked w

Get Involved by Entering the Race for a Seat on the RA Board

Nov 21 2013

Ken Knueven
Board President

People often ask me why I continue to serve on the Board of Directors for Reston Association, and while the clichéd answers are actually true – I believe in giving back to my community, public service is in my blood and I believe it is my civic responsibility – the biggest reason is actually very simple. I love Reston.

With that commitment as the foundation of most of my volunteer choices, the next steps are rather obvious. I do whatever I can to ensure Reston is maintained, cared for and guided by those who have its best interests at heart, and act in a fiscally responsible manner to protect its future, and the future of all who call it home