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Financials & Audit Statements

Monthly Financial Statements

Throughout the year, the board's resource management activity is assisted by monthly finance reports provided by the Treasurer. The association's books are examined annually by an independent auditing firm.
March 2020 Financials1.58 MBDownload
November 2019 Financials823.52 KBDownload
October 2019 Financials907.49 KBDownload
September 2019 Financials421.09 KBDownload
August 2019 Financials416.76 KBDownload
July 2019 Financials539.75 KBDownload
June 2019 Financials312.40 KBDownload
May 2019 Financial Report875.95 KBDownload
April 2019 Financial Report687.16 KBDownload
March 2019 Financial Report259.68 KBDownload
February 2019 Financial Report953.09 KBDownload
January 2019 Financial Report732.96 KBDownload
December 2018 Financial Report (Unaudited Draft)3.87 MBDownload
November 2018 Financial Report724.24 KBDownload
October 2018 Financial Report570.52 KBDownload
September 2018 Financial Report469.36 KBDownload
August 2018 Financial Report436.92 KBDownload
July 2018 Financial Report498.76 KBDownload
June 2018 Financial Report494.21 KBDownload
May 2018 Financial Report403.31 KBDownload
April 2018 Financial Report826.31 KBDownload
March 2018 Financial Report352.74 KBDownload
No monthly financial statement from Jan-Mar due to preparation of Annual Financial StatementsUnknownDownload
December 2017 Financial Report468.44 KBDownload
November 2017 Financial Report454.03 KBDownload
October 2017 Financial Report450.77 KBDownload
September 2017 Financial Report452.98 KBDownload
August 2017 Financial Report3.68 MBDownload
June 2017 Financial Report479.11 KBDownload
May 2017 Financial Report727.70 KBDownload
April 2017 Financial Report359.54 KBDownload
March 2017 Financial Report401.06 KBDownload
December 2016 Financial Report261.84 KBDownload
November 2016 Financial Report286.57 KBDownload
October 2016 Financial Report292.40 KBDownload
September 2016 Financial Report304.34 KBDownload
August 2016 Financial Report238.15 KBDownload
July 2016 Financial Report260.95 KBDownload
June 2016 Financial Report242.04 KBDownload
May 2016 Financial Report242.62 KBDownload
April 2016 Financial Report234.00 KBDownload
No monthly financial statements from Jan-Mar due to preparation of Annual Financial StatementsUnknownDownload
December 2015 Financial Report248.38 KBDownload
November 2015 Financial Report254.25 KBDownload
October 2015 Financial Report253.56 KBDownload
September 2015 Financial Report251.59 KBDownload
August 2015 Financial Report250.71 KBDownload
July 2015 Financial Report237.45 KBDownload
June 2015 Financial Report235.00 KBDownload
May 2015 Financial Report191.87 KBDownload
March 2015 Financial Report119.75 KBDownload
April 2015 Financial Report149.27 KBDownload
No monthly financial statements from Dec-Feb due to preparation of Annual Financial StatementsUnknownDownload
November 2014 Financial Report360.53 KBDownload
October 2014 Financial Report359.18 KBDownload
September 2014 Financial Report145.59 KBDownload
August 2014 Financial Report133.16 KBDownload
July 2014 CFO Report265.21 KBDownload
April 2014 CFO Report169.74 KBDownload
November 2013 Financial Statement662.61 KBDownload
October 2013 Financial Statement685.59 KBDownload
September 2013 Financial Statement278.94 KBDownload
July & August 2013 Financial Statements279.60 KBDownload
June 2013 Financial Statements478.55 KBDownload
May 2013 Financial Statements270.69 KBDownload
April 2013 Financial Statements343.04 KBDownload
March 2013 Financial Statements357.07 KBDownload
February 2013 Financial Statements228.44 KBDownload
January 2013 Financial Statements227.46 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 10/31/1247.21 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 10/31/1250.21 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 10/31/1213.77 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 10/31/1214.62 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 9/30/1212.44 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 9/30/1250.19 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 9/30/1213.82 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 9/30/1214.37 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 8/31/1212.35 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 8/31/1250.23 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 8/31/1213.84 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 8/31/1214.35 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 7/31/1244.56 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 7/31/1250.21 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 7/31/1213.75 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 7/31/1214.33 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 6/30/1244.56 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 6/30/1216.33 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 6/30/1214.01 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 6/30/1214.35 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 5/31/1243.00 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 5/31/1215.08 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 5/31/1212.28 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 5/31/1213.19 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 4/30/1245.16 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 4/30/1216.40 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 4/30/1213.84 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 4/30/1214.35 KBDownload
Balance Sheet FC, Ending 2/29/1247.32 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 2/29/1245.12 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 2/29/1216.46 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 2/29/1213.86 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 2/29/1214.41 KBDownload
Balance Sheet FC, Ending 1/31/1247.35 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 1/31/1245.25 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 1/31/1216.52 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 1/31/1213.86 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 1/31/1214.23 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 12/31/1116.27 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 12/31/11 CASH BASIS16.28 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 12/31/1114.00 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 12/31/1145.18 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 11/30/1144.66 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 11/30/1116.35 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 11/30/1113.80 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 11/30/1115.32 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 10/31/1144.67 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 10/31/1116.34 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 10/31/1113.81 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 10/31/1115.26 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 09/30/1144.65 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 09/30/1116.37 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 09/30/1113.91 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 09/30/1115.25 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 08/31/1144.66 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 08/31/1116.31 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 08/31/1114.01 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 08/31/1115.32 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 07/31/1144.64 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 07/31/1116.26 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 07/31/1113.90 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 07/31/1115.30 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 06/30/1135.54 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 06/30/1116.18 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 06/30/1113.87 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 06/30/1115.29 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 05/31/1135.44 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 05/31/1116.20 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 05/31/1113.95 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 05/31/1115.28 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 02/28/1111.30 KBDownload
Income & Expense Statement, Ending 02/28/1115.78 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 02/28/1113.80 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 02/28/1114.89 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 01/31/1111.31 KBDownload
Income Statement, 01/31/1111.47 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 01/31/1113.83 KBDownload
Capital Report, Ending 01/31/1114.86 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 11/30/1013.68 KBDownload
Capital Expenses, Ending 11/30/1013.91 KBDownload
Income Statement, Ending 11/30/10 16.07 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 11/30/1011.99 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 10/31/1013.90 KBDownload
Capital Expenses, Ending 10/31/1013.68 KBDownload
Income Statement, Ending 10/31/10 16.04 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 10/31/1011.44 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 09/30/1013.89 KBDownload
Capital Expenses, Ending 09/30/1013.69 KBDownload
Income Statement, Ending 09/30/1016.09 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 09/30/1011.50 KBDownload
Capital Expenses, Ending 08/31/1013.67 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 08/31/1013.87 KBDownload
Income Statement, Ending 08/31/1016.03 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 08/31/1011.51 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 06/30/1014.00 KBDownload
Capital Expenses, Ending 06/30/1013.76 KBDownload
Income Statement, Ending 06/30/1016.06 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 06/30/1011.35 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio Ending, 5/31/1013.91 KBDownload
Capital Expenses, Ending 5/31/1013.69 KBDownload
Income Statement, Ending 5/31/1016.05 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 5/31/1011.40 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 02/28/1013.81 KBDownload
Capital Expenses, Ending 02/28/1011.47 KBDownload
Statement of Revenues & Expenses, Ending 02/28/1016.17 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 02/28/1011.47 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 4/30/1013.81 KBDownload
Investment Portfolio, Ending 01/31/1013.77 KBDownload
Captial Expenses, Ending 4/30/1013.73 KBDownload
Statement of Revenues & Expenses, Ending 01/31/1015.77 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 01/31/1011.30 KBDownload
Income and Expense Statement, Ending 4/30/1016.05 KBDownload
December 2017 Financial Report344.50 KBDownload
December 2017 Financial Report344.50 KBDownload
Balance Sheet, Ending 4/30/1011.33 KBDownload
December 2014 - No Monthly Financials Presented35.83 KBDownload
August 2018 Financial Report344.50 KBDownload

990 Tax Returns

Reston Association 990 tax returns are available free through Guidestar. You will need to register for a free username and password on this separate website. Once you have registered, you can enter the Reston Association name in the search box on the home page of Guidestar to retrieve the 990 tax return. Recent tax returns (PDFs) are posted in the above box on the right side of this page.