Strategic Plan

2016-2020 Strategic Plan

Reston Association's 2016-2020 Strategic Plan is the product of a significant collaborative effort including the RA Board of Directors, Senior Leadership Team and volunteer leaders from RA's committees. The plan was developed over a two-month period in 2015 and was formally adopted by the Board of Directors on March 26, 2015. The plan functions as the road map for the direction of the association and guides both planning and budget development processes during its five-year lifespan.

There are five strategic areas of focus, each with a specific goal. Beneath those are objectives with action steps, aligned with the two-year budget.

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Strategic Areas of Focus and Corresponding Goals

Optimizing member experiences
To optimize the services, programming and facilities offered to RA members.

Leading sustainable change
To enhance and protect Reston's built and natural environments to ensure development and redevelopment is consistent with the Essential Elements of Reston.

Fostering community engagement
To inform and engage our diverse community about RA amenities, programs, services and natural resources.

Leveraging technology
To serve members, staff and the community with effective, demand-based technology.

Managing competing resources
To manage our resources to best serve RA and our members.