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Board Operations Committee

Board Operations Committee


The Board Operations Committee is comprised of sitting members on the Reston Association Board of Directors and is responsible for reviewing and setting board agenda items each month.


  • Board Agenda Development. Assists the board president in drafting the regular board meeting agendas.
  • Design Review Board and Committee Composition. Interviews and forwards to the full Board of Directors recommendations on candidates for appointment to open positions on the Design Review Board, Covenants Committee, Elections Committee, Board Advisory Committees, and any other special committee established by the board, in accordance with Committees Resolution 2 and Design Review & Covenants Resolution 1.
  • Committee Leadership. Interviews and forwards to the Board of Directors recommendations on candidates for appointment to fill committee chair and vice chair positions, in accordance with Committees Resolution 2.
  • Advisory Committee Work Plan/Project Proposal Review. Reviews work plans submitted by advisory committees prior to such work plans being submitted to the full Board of Directors for consideration and approval. Also, reviews any new proposals or projects.
  • Design Guideline Amendments. Reviews any proposed Design Guideline amendment(s) in accordance with Design Review & Covenants Administration Resolution 4.
  • Resolution Establishment & Amendments. Review any new or proposed amendments to policy, rules, regulations, and standards Resolutions.
  • Review of Special Requests Regarding the Use of Common Area & Residential Property. Reviews and conducts hearing on special request made by members or other groups regarding the use of the association Common Area and or residential property included but not limited to lake use requests, recreational facility requests, and hunting requests.
  • New Matters. Review any new matters such as recommendations for new policies, projects, initiatives, or other issues that may be forwarded to the full Board of Directors for consideration as may be determined by the BOC.
  • Other actions properly delegated to the BOC by the Board of Directors.


The president, treasurer, two other directors, and, as non-voting members, the chief executive officer, legal counsel, and assistant secretary.


The BOC normally meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Monday of the month in the conference center at Reston Association headquarters, 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston.