Working Groups & Task Forces

Working Groups & Task Forces

From time to time, the Board of Directors may appoint a group of community members to research, deliberate, or develop specific proposals related to an issue affecting Reston. These ad hoc panels, called either Working Groups or Task Forces, are convened on a time-limited basis for a specific purpose determined by the Board of Directors. Below is a list of current Working Groups and Task Forces. Please look to the right column for copies of meeting minutes and agendas.

Pedestrian Lighting Working Group

The purpose of the Pedestrian Lighting Working Group is to provide the Reston Association Board of Directors, by November 2016, with suggested requirements for an RFP for the development of a Comprehensive Lighting Plan for Reston that will include but not be limited to:

1.  The conduct of a feasibility study that considers such items as safety, accessibility and uniformity.

2.  The development of “contextual application guidelines” for lighting.

3.  Prioritization of pedestrian lighting in the community – common areas including pathways and recreational amenities, transit station areas and clusters.

Code of Ethics Task Force

The purpose of the Code of Ethics Task Force, convened by the RA Governance Committee, is to assist Reston Association in the creation of a comprehensive code of conduct and ethics for the organization. The task force has worked with third-party consultants to analyze an ethics assessment for the organization, which will help form the association’s new code of conduct and ethics.

Reston Association has been moving toward a system of governance that improves upon organization-wide conduct and behaviors since May 2014. Two new committees, including the Governance Committee, were formed to advise the Board of Directors on a wide range of topics related to functions of the association and the role of its leadership. As work progressed, the board later approved funding for the independent review of the organization’s ethics, behaviors and governing policies.

Quantum Governance, a Vienna-based consulting firm, began its study of RA in March 2016. Its goal was to help the newly formed Code of Ethics Task Force develop and implement a code of ethics for all RA employees, board and committee members, and volunteers. On May 6, 2016, the consultant’s Ethics Assessment Summary Report was complete.

As part of the assessment process, Quantum Governance conducted numerous internal and external interviews, observed board meetings and distributed online surveys. Matters of respect, conflict of interests, honesty and integrity were examined. Core areas such as RA’s vision, mission & values, organizational accountability and communications were also reviewed. Respondents to surveys said that civility, respect and conflicts of interest were the main areas of significant concern. (Click the link on the right to download the full report.)

A first draft of the new Code of Ethics was completed May 31, 2016 (posted in the right column). The code outlines topics concerning gifts and gratuities, outside employment and transparency, as well as other behaviors and association policies. It is anticipated that the final draft of the code will be presented to the Board of Directors in early fall 2016.

Dog Park Working Group

The purpose of the Dog Park Working Group is to provide the Reston Association Board of Directors, by July 28, 2016, with a set of community recommendations that the association can convey to the Fairfax County Park Authority on improving the operation of the Baron Cameron Dog Park for the benefit of the dog park users and surrounding neighbors.

Tetra Review Committee

The Tetra Review Committee is comprised of three RA members and the four members of the RA Board Governance Committee. The group is tasked with recommending to the Board of Directors a firm to: 1) conduct an independent review of the Tetra (Lake House) referendum, property purchase and renovation process; and, 2) receive the initial findings from the review.

The following people serve on the the Tetra Review Committee:

Eric Carr, Committee Chair
Steve Garver, Committee Member
Jeanine Greenwood, Committee Member
Sherri Hebert, RA Board Director
Mike Sanio, RA Vice President
Eve Thompson, RA Secretary
Ray Wedell, RA Board Director

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(NOTE: Information about the Lake House Working Group can be found in the Development & Future of Reston section of this website. Please click here to go to the Lake House page).