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Board of Directors Overview

Board of Directors

General Information

Reston’s Deed (Section III.5) provides for a nine-member board: eight directors are elected by the members of the association for three-year, staggered terms; one director is designated by the apartment owners. Four of the eight directors each represent a district, generally described as the residential areas of Hunters Woods/Dogwood, Lake Anne/Tall Oaks, North Point, and South Lakes, and the remaining four directors are elected from the membership at-large.

The Board of Directors is responsible to the membership for seeing that the overall organizational goals of Reston Association are accomplished. In general, a board member’s job is to set policy in all matters -- finance and budget, personnel and compensation policies, and planning and program strategies.  In addition to these duties, the Reston Association board annually appoints persons to fill four positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. It hires a person to serve as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As authorized by the association’s Bylaws, the Secretary and Treasurer, while selected by the board, need not be elected directors.   The CEO is an ex officio member of the Board of Directors.

The duties of Board Officers and members are as follows:

The President

  • Chairs all meetings of the board and of the general membership
  • Serves as an ex officio member of all board committees
  • Shares, with the CEO, the authority to execute deeds, contracts, and other legal instruments on behalf of the association
  • Works with the CEO to see that all policies of the board are carried out
  • Appoints board members to committees, task forces, and other groups
  • Serves as a channel of communication between the CEO and the board and fosters a positive working relationship with the CEO
  • Works with the CEO to orient new members to the board
  • Coordinates and oversees the CEO's performance evaluations
  • Speaks publicly on behalf of the association to deliver the views of the board or the association

The Vice President

  • Provides continuity and exercises all duties of the President in the President's absence


  • In coordination with Reston Association’s staff, keeps track of board documents and records
  • Takes or delegates the taking of the minutes of all meetings of the association and of the Board of Directors
  • Records all resolutions and rules adopted by the Board of Directors
  • Signs such legal documents as may be required under the Virginia laws governing corporations


  • In coordination with the association’s staff and the association’s independent certified public accountants, monitors and report to the Board of Directors, as needed, with respect to association funds and securities
  • Ensures that full and accurate financial records and books of account showing all receipts and disbursements are kept and that all required financial data, including the Statement of Common Expenses are prepared
  • In general, performs all the duties incident to the Office of Treasurer

The Board as a Whole

  • When working as a full board, all members: Determine long-range mission and goals; establish RA policy and procedures; hire and evaluate the CEO; monitor finances, approve budget, and set the assessment; create and update long-range plans; and approve association programs through the budget process.
  • When working as individual members, all directors: Attend all board meetings, special events, and board retreats; prepare thoroughly for board meetings; serve as committee members and chairs; offer counsel, suggestions, and opinions; assume leadership roles when called upon; keep the board and the EVP informed of community concerns.
  • As well as receiving daily assistance from the CEO and the operational staff, the board is also supported by Legal Counsel, who helps guide the board into legally acceptable conduct and serves an important “loss prevention” role for the Association. Legal Counsel advises the CEO and board, but reports to the CEO, and responds to requests for opinions and analyses from the CEO, full board, or President.

Mobile Devices

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