Board Election

Board Election


Each spring, Reston Association members are given the opportunity to elect three new individuals to the Board of Directors. If one or more directors from the nine-member board resign before the end of their three-year term, additional seats with shorter terms could be open in any given election. Members running for a seat in a specific district must reside within that district. The election process is overseen by the Elections Committee and the balloting is done by an independent firm. Results of the election are announced at the Annual Members' Meeting in April. 

Call for Candidates

There will be five seats open in the 2019 Board of Directors election. Reston Association's Elections Committee is asking RA members to consider running for the board and to fill out a candidate form (Statement of Candidacy), which can be downloaded from the right column on this page. The committee will validate candidates in late January. The month-long election begins March 4. Online voting will be available to members.

2019 Open Seats

- At-Large, 3-year term

- Apartment Owners, 1-year term*

- Hunters Woods/Dogwood, 1-year term*

- North Point, 3-year term

- Lake Anne/Tall Oaks, 3-year term

*1-year terms due to prior mid-term resignations and the appointment of interim replacements in 2018

Board Responsibilities

The nine-member RA board is responsible for determining the long-range mission and goals of the association, establishing RA policies and procedures, monitoring finances, approving budgets and setting the annual assessment rate.