RA Management Team

RA Management

If you would like to contact Reston Association management, please call our main number at 703-435-6530 or send an email to:

 Robert Wood Acting Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer robert@reston.org

 Larry Butler Senior Director, Land Use and Planning lbutler@reston.org

 Mike Leone Director of Communications and Community Engagement mike@reston.org

 Melissa Kelley Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services mkelley@reston.org

Anna Varone Director of Covenants Administration avarone@reston.org

 Garrett Skinner Director of Capital Improvement Planning & Projects garrett@reston.org

 Laura Kowalski Director of Recreation and Environmental Education lkowalski@reston.org

 Mike McNamara Director of Maintenance & Natural Resources MikeMc@reston.org


 To read conflict of interest statements for the Senior Leadership Team, click here.