Stream Restoration

Stream Restoration

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NOTICE: Beginning Monday, Sept. 19, 2016, residents will start seeing and hearing crews working at Hickory Cluster for the stream restoration project. Approximately 500 feet of stream will be restored as part of the Northern Virginia Stream Restoration Bank. Some trails around Hickory Cluster will be closed during working hours beginning at 7 a.m. to allow for crews to safely remove the trees and start construction.

Beginning in October, crews will move to the stream near Forest Edge and Regency Square Clusters named the Wiehle North stream reach. Residents will start seeing white flagging and orange fencing near Wiehle Avenue from the Hebrew Congregation down to the toe of Lake Anne Dam and then out towards Cedar Ridge Apartments.

The orange fencing outlines the limits of the project.

If you have any questions, please contact Nicki Bellezza, RA’s Watershed Manager at 703-435-6560 or
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Sugarland Run Stormwater Improvements in Autumnwood Park 

Fairfax County, in partnership with Reston Association, has developed projects to improve stormwater management within the Autumnwood Park watersheds.

*Please Note*  These projects are different and completely separate from the Stream Restoration Projects in Snakeden Branch, The Glade and Colvin Run Watersheds.

The Autumnwood Park improvement projects are a Fairfax County Stormwater Planning Department initiative to decrease the velocity of flows and reduce sedimentation of the large stormwater pond near Fairfax County Parkway at the Autumnwood Recreation area.

There are five potential projects. The specific facilities and locations of interest are shown on the map.

One other potential project for which no plans have been developed.

  • Trails Edge Lane Section 45 (Basin 0330 DP)

Click to view larger images.

Autumnwood Regional Stormwater Pond
At the Autumnwood Recreation Area, Fairfax County installed a forebay, constructed wetlands, rock steps, and micro pools at the existing stormwater pond (Regional Pond 0330DP) located at the intersection of Fairfax County Parkway and Walnut Branch Road near the Autumnwood pool and tennis courts.

The Autumnwood Regional Pond construction work began in July and was completed in October with plantings finished in December 2013. The wetland cells and micro pools were constructed to improve water quality of the basin.

To report flooding of the basin, please submit a storm drainage report to Fairfax County, at the following the link:

- Concept plan
- Site plan
- Landscape plan
- Demo plan

Winstead Lane and Autumnwood Drive Basin 0333DP
Reston Section 41 basin 0333DP is located behind 11920, 11922, and 11924 Winstead Lane along Bennington Woods Road. Fairfax County graded the area into three micro pools of water and planted the natural area to improve the function of the existing facility in order to add water quality benefits.

On March 14, 2013 a warranty walk was performed at Section 41, and the Fairfax County Urban Forester rejected nearly 95% of the trees and shrubs. The contractor replaced the trees and shrubs and watered weekly in the summer.

Armstrong Elementary School Project
Armstrong Elementary School is located at 11900 Lake Newport Rd. The school retrofit included reforestation to parts of the school property as well as vegetated swales and rain gardens. These measures allow for greater water quality improvement and velocity control of stormwater from the school property.

View the concept plans. (These are very large PDF files, please be patient.)

For more information, view the letter to residents.

Lake Newport Soccer Field Project
The soccer field is located at 1550 Reston Parkway on the western corner of the Reston Parkway and Lake Newport Road intersection. The retrofit will serve to improve the function of the existing facility to add water quality improvement. Some of the enhancements included on the plan are: grading in and around the facility, installing a rain garden, and planting native vegetation.

To view the concept plans, click here.

Grading Plan
Erosion and Sedimentation Plan
Swale Design Plan
Installation Details
Parking Lot Details
Landscaping Plan

There are no plans developed yet for the Section 45 Trails Edge Lane (Basin 0334DP).

For questions or more information, please contact Nicki Bellezza, RA’s Watershed Supervisor at 703-435-6560 or by email at

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