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Garlic Mustard Challenge


Started in 2013, the Reston Association asked its Habitat Heroes volunteers and residents to help remove the invasive plant called garlic mustard in order to preserve ecosystem health and habitat in our natural areas. The annual spring-time event, called the Garlic Mustard Challenge, increased awareness in the community around the problem with garlic mustard taking over the wooded areas in Reston. RA will continue to manage garlic mustard through the Habitat Heroes activities, corporate work days and scheduling staff time to help suppress this aggressive species. RA has discontinued the Garlic Mustard Challenge.

2017 Winners

Volunteers who participated in the 2017 Garlic Mustard Challenge pulled 3,080 pounds of the invasive plant this year. The winners of the challenge include the following:

Individual Category Winner
Patricia Wagner: 2,636.5 pounds

Small Group
CA Technologies: 166.6 pounds

Large Group
Reston Environmental Action: 277 pounds

Questions? Call 703-435-6552 or email

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