Environmental Team

Meet Our Environmental Team

Claudia Thompson-Deahl is the Environmental Resources Senior Manager for the Reston Association and has been with RA for over 33 years. She is a certified Arborist and a charter member of the Virginia Native Plant Society. Claudia promotes co-existing with wildlife and planting trees. Claudia is committed to caring for our shared natural resource treasure – RA open space.


Nicki Bellezza is Reston Association's Watershed Manager, responsible for monitoring, managing and maintaining RA’s lakes, ponds, streams and watersheds. She has worked in the environmental field since 1998 specializing in environmental outreach and water resources. Nicki also serves as a Director for the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS). 


Will Peterson is Reston Association's Watershed Specialist. He previously worked as a watershed intern for RA while pursuing his Masters of Park and Resources Management during the summer of 2013. He has a BS in Forest Resources Management and successfully completed the above Masters in spring 2014. He previously worked as a Naturalist/Interpreter for Missouri State Parks and as a Police Officer for Manhattan Beach Police Department. 

Keith Kanzler is the Senior Arborist for Reston Association and has been with RA for over 20 years. He has been a climbing judge for 14 years for the MAC-ISA chapter and the International Tree Climbing Championship and this year for the North American Tree Climbing Championship. Kanzler also works with ArborMaster in a training capacity. He is an ISA Certified Arborist and trained MAC-ISA Gear inspector.

Patricia Greenberg is the Environmental Resources Supervisor for Reston Association and first joined RA in 2007. Patricia is dedicated to the care and restoration of open space, managing the community gardens, resolving property encroachment violations while increasing awareness and cooperation with a diverse audience about the importance of maintaining a healthy wildlife habitat. Patricia has worked in the environmental field for over 10 years.

Jason Perry (JP) joined RA as an Arborist II in March 2013. He is a graduate from Nova Scotia Agricultural College’s Landscape Horticulture (TY) program. He has worked in the DC metro area performing arboricultural services from specialized pruning, cabling/bracing, removing, and tree preservation since 1999. He has competed and been a safety technician and gear inspector for MAC-ISA Tree Climbing Competition, in addition to assisting in training programs in the region since 2001. He is an ISA Certified Arborist and ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor.

Dan Adamiak is RA's Environmental Resources Worker II. He has a degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Physical Resource Management. He is a certified pesticide applicator and has previously worked on invasive plant management with National Park Service (NPS) and Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Jaime Argueta is an Environmental Resource Worker II. He has worked for RA since 2003, starting as a seasonal for the natural areas and then as a full-time employee for the arborists crew. Jaime left in 2006 to work for a construction company for three years and returned as a seasonal on the mowing/grounds crew. Jaime is a Registered Pesticide Technician. In 2014, he completed the full circle to once again help maintain Reston’s natural areas.


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