St. John's Wood

St. John's Wood Redevelopment

The Bozzuto Development Company has proposed to redevelop the St. John's Wood property located at 11500 Olde Tiverton Circle in Reston. The plan calls for a mix of single-family attached and multi-family residential units consistent with the property’s current land-use designation under the Reston Master Plan, according to Bozzuto. 

The approximately 14.3 acres currently consists of nine three-story, garden-style apartment buildings containing 250 multi-family residential units. The uses surrounding the property include predominantly multi-family residential development, a single-family neighborhood and the North Point Village Center. 

Bozzuto submitted an application to Fairfax County proposing to redevelop the property with three mid-rise residential buildings containing 625 multi-family units and 34 single-family attached units. Based on meetings with Fairfax County, the Reston Association Design Review Board, and members of the Planning & Zoning Committee, the applicant has revised the conceptual plan for the proposed development to reduce the scale and scope of the multi-family residential buildings. The current proposal is for two multi-family residential buildings totaling 467 units and 44 townhomes.

Reston Association reviewed comments about the St. John's Wood redevelopment plan solicited during a community meeting Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016. The Board of Directors voted to oppose the application in its form at the time, and sent a letter to that effect to Fairfax County and others. This letter, dated Sep. 28, 2016, can be found in the right column of this page. In addition, comments from Reston Association's advisory committees will be submitted.

The St. Johns Wood plan will be reviewed by the Reston Association Design Review Board and the Reston P&Z in early 2017. Exact dates of the meetings will be posted here once they are confirmed. On Monday, March 27, 2017, the Planning & Zoning Committee will review a revised plan proposal during an information-only session. The plan is currently scheduled to be reviewed by the Fairfax County Planning Commission on May 25, 2017, but review may be deferred again.