Valley & Park by Toll Brothers

Valley & Park


The One Reston initiative seeks to ensure that the original planned community of Reston is preserved and sustained, despite redevelopment of the Dulles Toll Road Corridor office parks into urban residential mixed-use areas. The sustainability of One Reston depends on all residents of Reston (outside of Reston Town Center) being RA members, and all land (outside of Reston Town Center) being subject to the Reston Deed. This could result in approximately 15,000 new RA member families being added.


Valley & Park is a 54-unit residential townhome project located at 11720 Sunrise Valley Drive. This site was formally developed with a six-story, 72,189-foot office building, built in 1985. The new residential units will be subject to the Reston Association by the developer, Toll Brothers, upon approval by the Reston Association Board of Directors, which will generate new membership from all future residents. The addition of these residential units, especially along the Dulles Toll Road, where there are few existing Reston Association subject properties, aligns with the One Reston initiative.