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Sunrise Square by Sekas Homes

Sunrise Square by Sekas Homes


The One Reston initiative seeks to ensure that the original planned community of Reston is preserved and sustained, despite redevelopment of the Dulles Toll Road Corridor office parks into urban residential mixed-use areas. The sustainability of One Reston depends on all residents of Reston (outside of Reston Town Center) being RA members, and all land (outside of Reston Town Center) being subject to the Reston Deed. This could result in approximately 15,000 new RA member families being added.

Additional RA natural and improved common area will be needed to keep up with this redevelopment. RA is interested in portions of this newly developed urban land being dedicated as RA common area, for the use and benefit of all RA members. This is especially important in the Toll Road corridor, where there are no natural or improved RA common area assets. Accordingly, the first development in the Dulles Corridor to include a commitment of property to Reston Association for recreational purposes is Sunrise Square, currently under development.

Overview of Sunrise Square Project

In November 2016, Reston Association staff received a request from the owner of the property located at 11690 Sunrise Valley Drive, Sekas Homes, to include their 44-unit townhouse and condominium project as part of the association, and subject to the Reston Deed.

This property, formerly the site of the American Press Institute building, is now nearing the end of construction. Following two public hearings, the RA Board of Directors approved the addition of this property into Reston Association, subjecting the property to RA’s deed and covenants. The open space, which will include (but may not be limited to) a playground, play area, meadows and pathways on the eastern portion of the site, will be accessible to all RA members. The 1.9-acre open space portion on the eastern side of the property will become RA-owned parkland. The balance of the project’s land area will be HOA/Cluster land.

Click on the linked titled “Full Site Plan Set” in the right column of this page to view the site plan and associated sheets (landscaping, grading, stormwater management, etc.)

For more information visit the Sekas Homes web page