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RA Releases

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VDOT Extends Bidding Process; Delays Mowing of Medians

  • 30 May 2019
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VDOT Extends Bidding Process; Delays Mowing of Medians

Due to an extension in the bidding process granted by the Virginia Department of Transportation, grass mowing along some of Reston’s roadways could face further delays.

Reston Association learned this week that VDOT has extended the time allowed for companies to bid on the mowing contract until June 11. VDOT is responsible for the upkeep of many major roads in Reston. Historically, the state has contracted with RA to mow the medians. Without proper authorization, RA is not permitted to work on the medians and may not be reimbursed by the state if the association was to proceed with mowing the grass without a valid contract with VDOT

“We understand and share our members’ concerns about maintaining our roadways,” said RA CEO, Hank Lynch. “Routine mowing of the medians not only provides better aesthetics, but it also makes traveling along roadways safer. We will continue to work with VDOT and are poised to perform the mowing quickly and to RA standards if and when the state legally permits us to do so.”

It is unclear as to why VDOT extended the bidding deadline. RA submitted its bid several weeks ago and has been working with state officials to expedite the contractual process so the roadway work could begin. However, as of today, VDOT has given RA no indication whether it will be awarded the contract for this season.

RA members are being encouraged to visit the VDOT website for more information or to contact the department about any particular road maintenance issues, including the mowing of local medians.

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