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RA Releases

RA News Releases

Election Results Announced; Officers Selected

  • 9 April 2019
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Election Results Announced; Officers Selected

(Updated April 10, 2019) The results of the 2019 Board of Directors' election were announced at the Tuesday, April 9 Annual Members' Meeting. The Reston Association election process is overseen by the Elections Committee and the balloting is done by an independent firm. Voting took place from March 4 through April 3. The following members will be seated on the nine-member board, with the first monthly meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 10:

At-Large, 3-year term
Tom Mulkerin

Apartment Owners, 1-year term*
Catherine Baum

Hunters Woods/Dogwood, 1-year term*
Caren Anton

North Point, 3-year term
John Mooney

Lake Anne/Tall Oaks, 3-year term
Aaron Webb

*1-year terms due to prior mid-term resignations and the appointment of interim replacements in 2018.

All five races were uncontested this year. The 10 percent quorum requirement for each race was met, making the election results valid. Mulkerin was the leading vote-getter with 5,040 members casting their ballots for the at-large candidate who will be serving on the RA board for the first time.

The annual election process is overseen by the Elections Committee. Each year, RA members have the opportunity to elect at least three new directors. The Elections Committee ensures all candidates meet the association’s requirements, including proper residency, for serving on the board.

The RA board is responsible for seeing that the overall organizational goals are accomplished.

The newly seated board selected its officers to serve one-year terms at its first meeting on April 10. The following members were chosen:

Catherine Baum – President

Julie Bitzer – Vice President

John Mooney – Secretary

Eric Carr – Treasurer


Baum has been on the board for one year and represents apartment owners. She has served on several RA advisory committees and working groups. Bitzer, Carr and Mooney are also returning board members with experience on various RA committees and community organizations.


Click here for more information on the 2019 election.

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