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Reminder: Approval Needed Before Removing Trees

  • 13 March 2019
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Reminder: Approval Needed Before Removing Trees

Reston Association members are required to receive approval before removing trees from single-family or cluster properties. This policy is in place to help protect and preserve our natural wooded areas and maturing landscape and is in line with RA’s mission of environmental stewardship.

As spring approaches, and yard work becomes more prevalent, members who want to remove trees need to refer to the Design Guidelines section of the RA website for more information on tree removal, as well as other exterior design projects. Design Review Board applications for exterior landscaping can be downloaded from the site and submitted to Reston Association. If you have questions about work to be done on your property, you can make an appointment to speak to your Covenants advisor.

Please note that RA has various removal guidelines that apply to different types and sizes of trees and where they are located. The DRB strongly urges the preservation of live, non-invasive trees. According to the DRB, valid reasons trees might need to be removed include potential damage to people or property, damage from lightning strikes, disease or blockage of walkways. The DRB does not, in general, support extensive tree removal solely for the purpose re-grading, establishing a lawn or providing a view. Members are encouraged to ask their Covenants advisors prior to removal of any tree, unless there is cause for imminent danger.

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