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County Supervisors Vote to Defer PRC Matter

  • 5 March 2019
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County Supervisors Vote to Defer PRC Matter

The Fairfax County supervisors voted Tuesday, March 5 to approve Hunter Mill District Supervisor, Cathy Hudgins’ motion to indefinitely defer the matter concerning the Planned Residential Community zoning ordinance amendment. The board was scheduled to hold a public hearing on the proposal to increase the maximum allowed population per acre in the PRC, but after the motion passed, the same-day hearing was canceled.

Last month, after hearing from opponents of the proposed ordinance, the Fairfax County Planning Commission said it would ask the county Board of Supervisors to deny approval of the zoning ordinance amendment. Along with holding a public hearing, the board was slated to vote on the PRC issue at the March 5 meeting.

Opting not to endorse the PRC proposal, the planning commission decided on Feb. 14 to recommend the establishment of a task force to explore a PRC zoning amendment. The task force would include members of the Reston community as well as local industry. Additionally, the commission is asking for county staff to authorize a Comprehensive Plan amendment that would be reviewed concurrently with an ordinance update.

Representatives from Reston Association and local citizens groups who oppose the PRC proposal were planning to address the county supervisors during the public hearing portion of Tuesday’s meeting. RA’s stated position is that any potential change to the density cap must be done concurrently with the next review of the Reston Master Plan, which is due in the near future.

“We are pleased with the board’s decision and look forward to continue working with our partners and the county to ensure that Reston's growth stays true to our community's founding principles,” said RA President, Andy Sigle.

The county was seeking to amend the ordinance to allow for an increase in the number of people, and thus residential units, permitted within the PRC district, which incorporates the vast majority of Reston, including most of Reston Town Center, but excluding portions of the Transit Station Areas. The latest plan would have increased the density cap from 13 to 15 person per acre.

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