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Selling Your Property? Prepare Early

  • 21 February 2019
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Selling Your Property? Prepare Early

As the prime home-shopping and selling season approaches, Reston Association wants to remind sellers to order their disclosure documents through WelcomeLink as early as possible in order to prevent delays during the settlement process. Delivery of the documents will take up to 14 days, and you don’t have to wait for an offer on your home to order a disclosure packet. Disclosure documents are required by state law and will include the results of your property’s exterior inspection. Results of the inspection will identify maintenance and/or design violations.

Homeowners in Reston should be aware that Design and Use & Maintenance rules are set forth by RA’s Deed. Additionally, if you live in a cluster, you must also abide by the cluster standards. Cluster standards are determined by individual cluster boards, but enforcement of those standards is ultimately the responsibility of RA. There are 134 clusters in Reston. Click here to access the cluster directory.

For more information about what you or your Realtor need to do to prepare for selling of your real estate property in Reston go to the Property Owner Resources section of the RA website and explore various topics that will guide you through inspection requirements and the disclosure document process.

Click here for more property owner information.

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