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Lake Audubon Dredging to be Completed by End of April

  • 11 January 2019
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Lake Audubon Dredging to be Completed by End of April

Reston Association is planning to hire Lake Services, Inc. to dredge the accumulated sediment from the main coves of Lake Audubon. Dredging of the lake, which could begin as early as Feb. 1, is expected to be completed by the end of April. Dredging will not occur at the shoreline edge or within five feet of any dock structure. RA anticipates removing approximately 13,500 cubic yards of material.

Before dredging can begin, the project contract with Lake Services needs the final approval of the Board of Directors. The RA board is expected to address the subject at its Jan. 24 meeting.

Routine dredging is part of the association’s lakes maintenance program, which helps to extend the life of the lake. As lakes age, they eventually fill in through sedimentation. Sedimentation occurs as material such as soil from stream erosion, construction sites, unstable slopes, road sand, leaves and debris from trees, street gutters, and storm sewers accumulate in the lake.

The dredging operation staging area will be located at the Lake Audubon boat ramp adjacent to Lake Audubon Pool. Sediment will be removed from the lake and placed in trucks and hauled to a disposal site in Loudoun County. The parking lot of Lake Audubon Pool will be most affected by the truck traffic.

Please contact Paul Priestley, RA’s Capital Projects Manager, at 703-435-6541 or Paul@reston.org with questions. Click here to download additional materials.

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