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Microcystis Bloom Found in Lakes

  • 7 September 2018
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Microcystis Bloom Found in Lakes

(Updated 9/19/2018) A harmful algae bloom named Microcystis was found on Lake Audubon Thursday, Sept. 6 and is still present as of Sept. 19. Reston Association staff has also confirmed that Microcystis is present at Lake Thoreau. Some species of the algae can produce toxins that can be lethal to livestock, fish and people, and have been linked to liver cancer.

Reston Association is urging all members to avoid contact with the water and not allow dogs or other pets to swim or drink from the water. Consultants say a drop in water temperature will help get rid of the bloom.

In addition, Planktothrix algae, the purple and green clumps floating on the surface, were identified on Lake Thoreau. Some species produce toxins. Please avoid contact with the water.

No toxicity tests have been done, but due to the presence of Microcystis, Reston Association had canceled the swim portion of the Reston Triathlon, which was slated for Sunday, Sept. 9.

Email Nicki@reston.org for more information.


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