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RA Releases

RA News Releases

RA Receives Grant for Lake Anne Dam Study

  • 10 July 2017
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RA Receives Grant for Lake Anne Dam Study

Reston Association has entered into a grant agreement with the Virginia Resources Authority, administrator of the Dam Safety, Flood Prevention and Protective Assistance Fund. The grant is for $7,295 and will help pay for a Lake Anne dam evaluation by consulting engineers, GKY & Associates.

Since 2013, the Lake Anne dam has operated under two two-year “Conditional Operation and Maintenance Certificates” issued by the state. RA is currently seeking recertification for a six-year permit, while also exploring ways to save additional money on making required upgrades to the dam.

Previous to seeking the grant money for the evaluation, RA had obtained three potential construction solutions to bring the dam into compliance with state regulations. The cost of those proposed solutions ranged from approximately $2 million to $4 million. Additional and more recent guidance provided by the state allows for evaluating certain aspects of the dam, including the spillway capacity and downstream impacts. RA opted to pursue an evaluation under this new guidance, which could result in a solution without excessive costs associated with extensive renovations to the dam.

The evaluation by GKY & Associates is expected to take about 45 days to complete. The total cost of the evaluation is $14,590, half of which will be paid for through RA’s capital budget funds, and the other half being covered through the grant reimbursement.

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